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Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the most common ways of creating printed matter like newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, and books. Compared to other printing methods, offset printing is best suited for economically producing large volumes of high quality prints in a manner that requires little maintenance.

Advantages of offset printing :

  • Works on a wide range of printing surfaces including paper, premium paper, rough paper, SBS, gumming sheet, and pvc foam.
  • The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up.
  • Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs.
  • Consistent high image quality.
  • Offset printing produces sharp and clean images
  • Quick and easy production of printing plates.
  • Longer printing plate life
  • Properly developed plates used with optimized inks and fountain solution may achieve run lengths of more than a million impressions.
  • Offset printing is the cheapest method for producing high quality prints in commercial printing quantities.
  • Offset printing is the possibility of adjusting the amount of ink on the fountain roller with screw keys.
  • If you’re planning to print using the Pantone® Matching System, offset printing will give you the best match, since it uses actual Pantone® ink.

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